2021 A Year of Growth. Diversified, Focused, Integrated.

Amid serious economic, social, and geo-political disruption, we have seen individuals and businesses worry about their homes, investments, and even their futures. I am extremely thankful to our team members, who have responded to the current state of the world by working harder than ever to provide superior service to those living, working, and investing with us. This is the most meaningful way our organization can contribute to those around us, and we have managed to maintain a steady path forward as a result. By continuing to invest in the everyday, adding value to the buildings and businesses we own, we have been able to expand our footprint, our workforce, and our brand advantage. Through informed, responsive, and compassionate management of those assets, we have also grown our customer base and their satisfaction level with their Avenue Living experience.  

As we look toward the next year, we do so with a solid vision of our next steps. The milestones we met in 2021 and early 2022 have laid the groundwork for our continued growth, and we’re honoured our investors, customers, and employees have chosen to make this journey with us. 

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