Mini Mall Storage Welcomes Brian Boulter as Senior Vice President of Acquisitions

Dallas, TX, August 25, 2022

Mini Mall Storage Welcomes Brian Boulter as Senior Vice President of Acquisitions to Strategically Drive Growth From Coast to Coast

With a well-defined focus on first generation self-storage products in secondary and tertiary markets and a continued upward trajectory, Mini Mall Storage Properties (MMSP) has appointed Brian Boulter as Senior Vice President of Acquisitions. Based in the company’s Dallas location, Boulter will lead the overall acquisition strategy across North America.

In its first two years of operations, MMSP has aggressively added new acquisitions and expanded into exciting new markets, reaching over 4.1 million square feet in self-storage space, $660 million in assets under management (AUM), and setting the stage for strong future growth.

Boulter brings over 15 years of experience in self-storage asset management and acquisitions, having previously served in various executive positions at different national self-storage brands across the U.S. and Canada. Throughout his career, Boulter has developed a unique focus on acquisitions, fostered deep relationships with brokers and property owners, and led a team of acquisitions experts in best practices and strategic development.

“Mini Mall’s growth trajectory is coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit that I have not observed in the self-storage industry for a very long time,” says Boulter. “The fundamentals for self-storage are strong right now — it’s one of the best asset classes to be in as a hedge against inflation. I’m excited to join MMSP’s focused and highly strategic leadership team to successfully deliver on our clear vision and acquire stabilized properties from coast to coast.”

“As Mini Mall continues to bring stability to independent operators, our customers, and the industry as a whole, we are very fortunate to have Brian lead our team of talented acquisitions experts,” said Adam Villard, Chief Executive Officer of Mini Mall Storage Properties. “As the market shifts, I’m confident that our breadth of self-storage leaders and professionals will provide a solid foundation for us to drive ongoing value for our customers and investors.”

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