2022 A Historic Year for Our Defensible Strategy

In 2022, Avenue Living grew to $4.6B in assets under management across our four asset classes, and now operates in one third of the provinces and states throughout North America. With a cycle-tested business model and a steadfast commitment to the everyday, Avenue Living continued to make great strides. Our expanded footprint includes new offices in Toronto and Dallas. 

Throughout the year, we focused on improving our customer satisfaction through active management, invested in technology to create operational efficiencies, and elevated our ESG efforts. In 2022, accelerating inflation and rising interest rates created a challenging investment environment, with negative returns flashing across the asset spectrum. Still, that didn’t stop Avenue Living’s 16-year growth streak. 

It speaks to the durability of Avenue Living’s business model across multiple market cycles,” says Gabriel Millard, SVP, Capital Markets – Equity & Research. “2008 (GFC) and 2014 (Commodity Crisis) were lost years for many other players, but they were periods of growth for Avenue Living as we leaned into the opportunities. 2022 was another very formative year for us. 




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