The SunRise: Illuminating Edmonton’s Skyline with Renewal and Sustainability

When we began reconceptualizing Capital Tower in Edmonton, we knew it was only fitting the renewed building would need a new name. We’re pleased to unveil a fresh identity for the property, now called The SunRise. This renaming marks a significant milestone in the building’s history, symbolizing its extensive renovation and revival. The SunRise reflects a new beginning, promising a fresh outlook and enhanced living experience for the building’s residents. The property will offer modern amenities and a renewed sense of vibrancy to its inhabitants and the surrounding Chinatown neighbourhood — which is undergoing a revival of its own.  

When selecting a name, we wanted to evoke a sense of optimism and positivity. Just as a SunRise marks the beginning of a new day, the name suggests a new beginning for residents who choose to make this apartment their home. Additionally, the imagery of a SunRise is often associated with warmth, light, and a welcoming atmosphere, all of which are qualities that many individuals seek in their living spaces. The name not only captures the essence of a new chapter but also conveys a sense of hope and inspiration, making it an appealing and meaningful choice for an apartment building. 

This name gains even more significance with the addition of a one-of-a-kind solar panel mural to the building’s North exterior. This building is a fixture of Edmonton’s iconic Chinatown, and the location of the SunRise is within the Treaty 6 territory. As such, the mural depicts the unity, coexistence, and cultural parallels between First Nations and Chinese cultures, incorporating imagery from the Cree seven sacred grandfather teachings and the Chinese zodiac. This impressive feature enhances the properties’ aesthetics and underscores Avenue Living’s commitment to sustainability. The mural, which collects solar energy, serves as a display that reflects the neighbourhood’s unique heritage but also demonstrates the building’s focus on harnessing renewable resources, making “SunRise” an apt name for this innovative apartment complex. 

To learn more about the project, check out our blog, ‘Capital Tower: A Beacon of Sustainability and Community Revival in Edmonton’ which outlines the building’s history and the outcomes of the renovation.  

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