Avenue Living’s Most-Read Content for 2023

Examining the economy and markets heading into 2024, we see a landscape dotted with opportunities. We believe our strategy of measured growth, sustainability, and defensibility has put us in a strong position for the next leg of our journey. 

As we reflect on the year, we’re looking back on the blogs and white papers that resonated most with our readers in 2023.  

The topics run the gamut from our partnership-oriented agricultural investment strategy to academic research on key stakeholder segments for our business, to our efforts in leading the charge on sustainable workforce housing. 

At the heart of it all is our commitment to providing value for our residents, investors, and the communities where we’ve put down roots.  


Harvesting Alpha in Canada’s Agricultural Heartland 

We unpack how the Avenue Living Agricultural Land Trust and its successor strategy, Tract Farmland Partners LP, are set to benefit from long-term tailwinds while prioritizing an active approach and partnership with the community.  


An International Examination of Market Orientation and Performance in Residential Property Management 

In this peer-reviewed study, our leaders in the Capital Markets team, Gabriel Millard and Cameron Hills, collaborated with the University of Regina’s Dr. Grant Wilson to examine how a commitment to understanding and serving residents translates into tangible benefits — including loyalty, trust, pride in accommodations, and timely rent payments — for residential property managers. 


Multi-Family Retrofits: The Case for Going Green 

Following on from our 2022 partnership with the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB), this blog outlines the energy-conservation measures (ECMs) we’re planning across our Canadian portfolio of multi-family rental properties. It also uncovers our framework for ensuring the viability and impact of deep energy retrofit projects. 


Examining Personal Financial Advisors’ Knowledge, Client Recommendations, and Personal Investments in Private Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) 

In another collaborative study published in the Journal of Financial Services Marketing (JFSM), our Chief Investment Officer, Jason Jogia, worked with Dr. Grant Wilson to investigate the under-researched subject of financial advisors’ REIT knowledge and engagement with REITs, including how their personal perceptions influence client recommendations. JFSM is a leading journal in finance and marketing, ranked B on the ABDC list, and recognized by all management and real estate journal quality lists. 


Revitalizing Canada's Housing Landscape: The Crucial Role of Retrofits 

As the country manages two major challenges — housing affordability and environmental impact — it’s becoming clear that retrofits to existing buildings are a key part of the solution. This blog looks at how strategic retrofits can help solve Canada’s increasingly critical housing supply challenge. 

This commentary and the information contained herein are for educational and informational purposes only and do not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, any securities or related financial instruments. This article may contain forward-looking statements. Readers should refer to information contained on our website at https://www.avenuelivingam.com/forward-looking-statements for additional information regarding forward-looking statements and certain risks associated with them. 

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