Patience and Caring in the ALC Call Centre

“You have to love people. You can’t do this job if you don’t love helping people.”

As Resident Experience Specialist Lead with Avenue Living Communities, Alowel Mayoung consistently approaches client conversations in a patient and caring manner.

“My day-to-day role centers around helping residents and supporting our agents, which means taking everything from escalated calls to training and coaching with agents,” she says.

“Another part of my role is quality. Listening to calls and making sure that our processes are being followed, and that our agents feel supported and have enough training.”

Agents take prospect calls to discuss their needs and aim to book them with a viewing of one of our properties, as well as resident calls about maintenance and any questions a resident may have.

Mayoung says Avenue Living’s core values play into how she and others interact with the company’s customers.

The company’s fundamental beliefs are centred on five guiding principles: Duty of Care, In It Together, Honest Communication, Integrity, and Entrepreneurial Spirit. It is truly how the company can be defined.

“I really enjoy working for a company where the focus isn’t just on what you do, or your duties, but how you do them. We should be proud to help our customers. They’re relying on us for assistance. Understanding where they’re coming from helps shape all our conversations, as well as using our core values as a guide to shape our interactions.”

Mayoung demonstrates the company’s core values at every opportunity. She takes ownership of resident issues and consistently goes above and beyond in following up. She ensures concerns are dealt with, utilizing great professionalism, poise and integrity. She excels in her role by holding the resident experience above all else. She is thoughtful, intelligent and well-rounded.

She believes that patience and the ability to adapt is an important part of her role.

“Even though we’re often dealing with the same situations, we’re not dealing with the same people each time. As such, you have to adjust your approach constantly, based on the person you’re talking to. Being adaptable is definitely the most important thing,” says Mayoung.

Mayoung enjoys seeing the whole process of Avenue Living’s business, and she gets to see quite a variety of the spectrum in her daily work. She loves working in an environment that is focused around continuous improvement.

23-year-old Mayoung was born in Sudan and moved to Canada when she was four years old. At first the family lived in St. John’s, Newfoundland and then moved to Calgary when she was 12.

Mayoung has been in her current role since last Spring. She started as a resident experience specialist, leading to a promotion to her current position. “I enjoy working for the company regardless of what role I’m in. I’m glad I get to keep growing with the company.”

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