Mini Mall Storage Welcomes Two Leadership Team Members

Dallas, TX and Calgary, AB, February 2, 2023 

In the midst of significant and strategic growth across North America, Mini Mall Storage Properties (MMSP) is focused on delivering operational efficiency and superior customer experience at every location. With that in mind, the company is announcing the addition of two new members this week: Joe Colavecchia is joining as SVP, Operations, and Lee-Ann Emment as SVP, Business Operations. Both leaders bring a wealth of experience working for major brands in their respective functions, and their contributions will help guide the strategic growth as MMSP embarks on a promising 2023.  

Joe Colavecchia has decades of experience in operations and leadership, having built roadmaps to drive efficiency for major automotive rental and mattress companies. He actively invests in people through training and mentorship to deliver superior customer service — which is already a tenet within the Mini Mall strategy. Colavecchia is looking forward to helping MMSP develop operational plans, training, and procedures to support field teams and create a consistent customer experience. “Mini Mall’s solid foundation and aggressive expansion excites me,” says Colavecchia. “The hub-and-spoke model and state-of-the-art technology set Mini Mall apart, and I’m looking forward to being part of building the company’s future growth.” 

Lee-Ann Emment brings 30 years of experience in business operations and has held various leadership roles for major companies in retail and financial services. Emment’s background in project management, operations, and corporate strategy will be instrumental in helping Mini Mall improve its in-house processes and ensure smooth operation across different business functions. “The consumer goods and services industry is constantly evolving and businesses are affected by different economic situations and external drivers,” says Emment. “As a company, you need to adapt to meet customer needs and I’m eager to enhance the tools and insights at Mini Mall.”  

“We continue to refine our operations and focus on our customers as we gear up for another exciting year,” says Adam Villard, Chief Executive Officer of Mini Mall Storage Properties. “We’re fortunate to have Joe and Lee-Ann join us to evolve our teams and advance our business practices. I’m confident their leadership skills and multifaceted experience will add tremendous value as we work to deliver industry-leading self-storage to secondary and tertiary markets across North America.” 

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