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Located in Southeastern Alberta, Medicine Hat has a proud history of being an economically resilient and vibrant community. With its strategic focus on commercial diversification, the thriving prairie town has cultivated a reputation as “a community of choice” with a flourishing economy home to a broad range of sectors. Avenue Living has long recognized the enormous potential of this bustling hub, managing nearly 900 units in some of the city’s most convenient and desirable neighbourhoods, and looks forward to continued investment in the region.  ALAM-24-MedicineHatMarketFastFacts-JL-v3

Forward-Thinking Municipal Leadership 
The city offers a range of incentives to entrepreneurs and businesses to foster growth and development, including advantageous tax and utility rates, integrated business support from their dedicated economic development team, and access to an affordable and skilled labour force.(1) 

Diversified Economy 
Medicine Hat has a diverse economic landscape with stable foundational industries like energy and agriculture & food as well as emerging sectors such as professional services, finance, education, and healthcare—all of which are experiencing strong growth. This economic diversification has created solid support for regional investment opportunities.  
Affordability Driving Growth  
Strong affordability metrics have made Medicine Hat an attractive destination for interprovincial migrants and international immigrants. Relative affordability offers residents a better financial outlook than in many large metropolitan areas across Canada, especially when paired with its strong job market and high quality of life, creating an enticing environment for residents and businesses alike. 

The city has seen a steady increase in its population in recent years, with 0.4% growth over the past five years, a projected 1.0% increase expected over the next five years, and rising median household incomes that further incentivize relocation to the growing community.(2)  
Effective Social Strategies 
Medicine Hat has distinguished itself as a leader in social innovation, becoming the first city in Canada to achieve "functional zero" chronic homelessness in 2021. Functional zero means that there were less than three people experiencing homelessness for more than three months at a time throughout the entire year. This accomplishment underscores the city's commitment to fostering inclusivity and is a significant draw to new residents and businesses looking for safe communities.(3)  

Quality of Life  
Renowned as the sunniest place in Canada, Medicine Hat offers an unparalleled quality of life characterized by abundant recreational opportunities. There are 155+ kilometres of trails throughout the city for walking, hiking or biking in nature and the Heritage Trails Network connects to nine major parks and green spaces in each community so that all residents can enjoy easy access.  

Medicine Hat also proudly features well-designed neighbourhoods, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The city cites the lack of commutes, crowds and other urban inconveniences in establishing the town as the “oasis of the prairies,” while still providing access to top-notch healthcare facilities like the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital. Medicine Hat is also home to the renowned Medicine Hat College, which collaborates with the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University to offer students certificates, diplomas, degrees, and trades programs. 

With a resilient community, diverse economic opportunities, incentives for businesses and entrepreneurs and a commitment to social innovation, this vibrant community offers a high quality of life to its residents.   



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